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    Introducing the ideal companion for your Fuzz – the Fuzz Case. Designed to safeguard your Fuzz from grime, fluff, and germs, this innovative silicone case takes inspiration from the interlocking sides of a pull capsule. It’s the perfect solution for keeping your sponge clean and secure, whether you’re traveling or need on-the-go touch-ups.

    The Fuzz Case is spacious enough to accommodate up to two damp beauty blenders, making it perfect for those who like to keep a backup sponge on hand. Now you can have a fresh sponge for different makeup applications.

    We’ve taken care of the details. The Fuzz Case features an innovative ventilation system that allows your sponges to dry completely, preventing the growth of bacteria and ensuring your beauty blenders stay in pristine condition.

    With the Fuzz Case, you can trust that your Fuzz is protected, clean, and ready for action wherever you go. Elevate your makeup routine and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a hygienic and well-maintained Fuzz.



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